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Norman Oklahoma Public Schools Parent Speaks Out

Breaking News: Leslie Draper speaks out against the lack of transparency with Oklahoma  Public Schools.  Mrs. Draper highlights a number of teachers within the  Norman Public Schools who have been involved sexual abuse related  events.  This call to action started because Norman Public Schools  attorney tried to silence her from post information on social media.  Transparency is the only way that we hold the Oklahoma Public Schools  accountable.....

Oklahoma Human Trafficking - Are your kids safe?

Breaking News: OK Truth News wants to ask one questions that must be answered! Are the  children of Oklahoma Public Schools safe? Human trafficking remains a known issue  within Oklahoma City, OK. Some of the kids that are being trafficked are  between the ages of 11-15. Daughter and mothers are being forced into  participating in this way of life! Now is the time to make sure that we  listen to the voices of the little ones who are in Oklahoma Public  Schools.  We must hold people accountable for their actions.