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Oklahoma Public Schools

The need to understand the critical issues within the Oklahoma Public Schools is a top priority for OK Truth News. We strive to increase awareness of issues associated with the safety of all children within Oklahoma with breaking news.

All To Action

OK Truth News is a big supporter of investigative journalism and we ensure that the breaking news information provided by use has been reviewed prior to release in order to make sure that that facts are straight. The number of fake news makes doing our job that much more important.  Our main means of addressing the MeToo movement in Oklahoma Public Schools continues to be increasing awareness for the citizens of Oklahoma.

Political Policies Associated with Education

The political policies that drive education must be focused on in order to  provide our viewers with the information needed to make in formed decisions. The lack of transparency over the years within Oklahoma Public Schools remains a strong focus for our team. The need to highlight the key issues within Public Schools continues to drive our team with breaking news.   

Our Team

Paul Walker, Editor & Journalist

Paul is the Chief Editor for OK Truth News. He is our lead strategist. Over the past 20 years, he has researched and studied issues within the Oklahoma Public Schools. He has a strong background in identifying issues associated with exploitation of children within the public school system by providing breaking news for over twenty years.

Nancy Paterson, Journalist

Nancy came to us from independent journalism in New York, where she spent 16 years in addressing issues associated with violence, neglect and crimes in public schools. She is one of the lead investigative journalist for OK Truth News. Over the last five year she has provided breaking news regarding the issues associated with Oklahoma Public Schools.

Jillian Smith, Graphics

Jillian came to us from a marketing team in the Las Vegas, NV. She is the lead graphic illustrator and video editor for OK Truth News. Her help in providing breaking news is important to illustrating the issues within the Oklahoma Public Schools.

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We  believe that a business with a great media team can make an impact  on the world through breaking news. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will  help you get your message regarding Oklahoma Public Schools to the world.

OK Truth News

Third Grade Norman, OK Teacher Arrested With Heroin By NPD

A Oklahoma Public Schools teacher was caught with heroin and syringes, police body camera  video shows. Jessica Faircloth admits to the officer that she is a  third-grade teacher at Norman’s Madison Elementary School and has drugs  and a syringe in her boot. Faircloth, 37, was arrested less than a mile  from the school where she worked. On Tuesday night, Faircloth was in a  fender-bender with another car. Police checked her tags and noticed she  had an outstanding warrant. 

John Marshall Middle School Teacher Shoves Special Needs Kid

OKLAHOMA CITY (OK Truth News) - John  Marshall Middle School is back in the news today. The police stated that a teacher shoved a special needs student  with autism  to the ground, and the boy’s mother (Ana Munoz) told officers the  middle school principal lied to her face about what happened. 

Norman Oklahoma Public Schools Parent Speaks Out

Leslie Draper speaks out against the lack of transparency with Oklahoma  Public Schools.  Mrs. Draper highlights a number of teachers within the  Norman Public Schools who have been involved sexual abuse related  events.  This call to action started because Norman Public Schools  attorney tried to silence her from post information on social media. The breaking news of transparency is the only way that we hold the Oklahoma Public Schools  accountable....   

Oklahoma Human Trafficking Issues - Are Your Kids Safe?

OK Truth News wants to ask one questions that must be answered! Are the  children of Oklahoma safe? Human trafficking remains a known issue  within Oklahoma City, OK. Some of the kids that are being trafficked are  between the ages of 11-15. Daughter and mothers are being forced into  participating in this way of life! Now is the time to make sure that we  listen to the voices of the little ones who are in Oklahoma Public  Schools.  We must hold people accountable for their actions. Oklahoma Public Schools must be transparent. If it is not, then OK Truth News will make it breaking news.

Del City High School - Kourtney Whalen - Teacher Uses Force

Breaking News: A Del City, OK ( Oklahoma Public Schools) student does a practical joke and the teacher uses excessive force to tackle the student to the ground....

Violence From Within Oklahoma: John Marshall Middle School

(OK Truth News) - The outrage of many parents, students and teachers can  be understood better after watching this video. Breaking News: The violence that  happened in John Marshall Middle School (Oklahoma) is not something that  is easy to watch.  The lack of control during this event continues to  cause many parents to ask questions about the safety of Oklahoma Public Schools. The ration of students to teacher is a factor in many  cases. However, the lack of control is clearly seen in this video....

OK Truth News: Are You Watching For The Signs

This is the start of the Oklahoma Public Schools Awareness Project for the people of Oklahoma. Over the past two years a number of issues have surfaced that OK Truth News wants to put front and center through breaking news. We must be  aware of the issues and understand that a mandatory requirement to  report anyone who is involved is the law.  A number of stories have  surfaced regarding the process in which teachers and some parents had  suspicion and did not act....